Oceanic Masquerade


The anchor is released and I take solace in the moment

A way to linger on the Veranda deck, grazing the railing with my fingertips

Wondering of the depth of the sea floor, what’s truly in store


The way I sit in my suite of oceanic thrills, an aroma of little chocolates

Fresh linen makes me smile, drawn to him to think again

First class, equal class, one percent, banking man


How? When did I become his wife? Was I asleep the whole time?

Wedding gowns, expensive tastes, luxury beyond insanity gives me no safety

I told him of my dreams, the fathoms of revere, a time of passion


I suppose I serve, I do my duty because I have to look pretty

All for this life, to become a bankers wife, is this right?

Black sophistication, aromatic kiss, down to the dining parlor


The boat of wealth, an artist in the mind of what it means to be stealth

Skin glowing for the showing, seen, all for his next presentation

Just another business conversation, this is the masquerade

The voices of the men akin cut like blades, I partake for our sake


2 thoughts on “Oceanic Masquerade

  1. First time reading one of your posts. Cool use of language and narrative. Took me back to my college days; ended up re-reading it a couple times to take each layer in (rhythm, meaning, emotion, themes) and really absorb the piece. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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