Killer Pout


Killed for my sweet pout, just a butterfly keenly aware

Pucker up and lick those lips, I got you a feeling amiss

A fancy crush, shhh it’s our secret, hush

Painted, powdered, looking through your soul


Raising your secrets to the surface, the key of life

Girly girl lost in her own fantasy world

The way you cradle me with your strength

The way I admire your length, oh please not now

Ugh! Oh my someone might see, oh but we’re free


Naughty, I guess this is what it’s like to be adults

Aren’t we the ones in control, my man thinks so

You like this dance, the tease of what it is to be intoxicating

You’re so easy the way you lay back, I know this energy


A kitten to open your mind, tickle your morality

In all actuality I’m resurrected from an ancient goddess

Yet I still worship you like a God, yeah cause I think you’re hot

I turn to leave cause I love a fucking tease, I want you to beg me, please


Chased down, just like a girl, all about the preen

On this lounge you have me in a way that unites me with your gaze


At your mercy, although I’m not in no hurry

Mhmmm, got it good just like you told me I would


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