Illusions of an Alcoholic


Denial, delusion, illusion, what is it? No it’s just the cold hard reality of addiction, of battling a part of you that doesn’t seem congruent with your truth. Like a part of you is far away in a different land, a hell where there are no consequences.

So many tears shed, disappointments, false promises. I know how you feel, I see you. You struggle, you haven’t truly let go. For a moment it has seemed so, yet the lurking demons cheer in my pain. No one is to blame, except for my willingness to give in.

I’ve come to accept that with this, with this certain battle it’s day by day, there is no time given for certainties. Surely, I will succeed. So here we go, a journey to be experienced. More empathy than can be summoned by one entity, surely it must be a thousand.

Take your alcohol, give me my happiness. It’s me, I’m the one with the power. I’m certainly no coward. Neither are you, don’t believe it. Beauty seeps from our veins even if we partake in wretched ways. Our love still transcends all, walking the line to make the call just on time.

We’ll walk this line, prove once and for all we got what it takes to be an Angelic Doll.


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