Dawn of a New Age



Ego! Ego! Ego! We all have it, it’s a part of navigating this realm, our ego can destroy us and bring total destruction. Sometimes our ego can even keep us safe. It’s that super doubtful, overly rational voice that seeks domination and power to no end. Has more pride than you’d like to even comprehend! That force is here for a reason. It’s not here to just teach us but to give us even show us we do have free will.

Ego is just the other end of duality, polarity. You have good and evil, black and white, dark and light. Masculine and feminine, it’s all the experience of the physical dimension. Suffering stems from ego, because when we are living in a place of ego we can’t be still to be I AM. I AM being the divine presence of everything that is in that moment, you united with all things.

Ego which causes suffering, greed and even poverty; which is a result of the mentality of scarcity. Which doesn’t truly exist, think about it everything we need is here on this planet we were born into. It’s our birth right to live in abundance, peace and infinite prosperity. It just so happens the ones gifted with the knowledge of harnessing the manifesting gifts we all are given, are the one percent.

Yet it’s a new dawn, a new age. So the truth always has a way of finding itself in the hands who seek it. So as the new age gains momentum we are manifesting a new earth and new heaven right here with each thought, in each moment.

We change the world by changing ourselves, by being masters of our own thoughts. There is no need to strive for perfection, there are certainly challenges. I face them daily, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Yet through every failure I come to realize that I must accept that ego is apart of this dynamic and it will come show its cards but that doesn’t mean I have to participate.

Sure there will always be moments where I start leaning into ego, I’m human just like you after all. Yet, I come from a place of unconditional love, to help, to benefit all of us, the collective. Through following my dreams, others will be inspired to do the same. So many forget how much their actions, words and thoughts have on the people around them.

We are all one, so when you do something it affects us all, even if mainstream culture would have you think otherwise. So I suppose the premise of this post is just to make amends with your ego, accept that it’s a part of the dynamic of life. Treat it as an acquaintance, but don’t confide or hang out with it like you would a best friend.

Then again it’s all a matter of perception, this is the essence of life right? Self expression.


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