Debonair Baptismal


Fake white teeth, a fornication of creed

Traveling through the mouths of the gossipers

Down at the rivers bend, where my Lord forgives all sin


Baptized in a holy hue, stilettos for the vivacious

Vivacious born again Star, a star that dives into unknown challenges

Dosed with the rituals of men birthed in the way, way past

Saved by the hands of a bearded man

A man from a land with pre-historic ways


Tarot readers, fortune tellers these are the people whom I love so much

They’ve taught me to harness my intuition, in God we trust

My baptismal still reoccurs in my mind

Guardian Angels come to console the spirits attached to the liquor of my soul


Milk chocolate within a confectionery river

Sipping cocoa in a pretty blue sweater

Shattering teeth, bubble gum glee

Square nails manicured to pristine, skin glossy sheen

The man in a beard reappears, we must go to the rivers edge


Time for the forth coming of a new initiate

I’m there yet I watch from a far, driving my Escalade, designer shades

Bathe him in a knowing, sign our name, Jehovah’s craze

As I preen in my luxurious mirror awaiting humanity to be delivered


I realize this is all some kind of fantastical dream


Am I your sister, sister

A debonair dresser


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