Game of Glass


The serpentine wrath of envious on lookers, flesh eating glances

Conservative begrudging outlandish views formed from dogma born long ago

Old men with their whiskers, pipes and misogynistic thoughts

Sending young men to die in wars for the their own self centered plans


I know your game, I see beyond the veil to understand how you maneuver your hits

Although you’ve seen me, knowing the ascension of a human angel is part of your scheme

Your underground cities deep in the mountains won’t save you from the awakening

Conversation, words continue to be exchanged, felt with a hearty stake


Revolution, evolution all apart of what it means to be

Blue blood families shattering their glass heels scurrying for a way to breathe

Wondering will we succeed or bring forth the love that always supersedes

Old men and their wrinkly skin, wishing for world domination, refusing to go within

A sinners ways, you have the world thinking this or that, stealing all the cash

I’m just a woman sitting center stage in the arena of duality


Understanding the algorithm of how the game is played

I’ve won, oh I’ve earned my crown

Silly, silly clowns reeking much havoc on the lost ones, sad ones

Fast cars, shining teeth and an overwhelming breeze

Lady on earth, just call me Holly Ann Kurt


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