Forsaking Gossip


Gossiping in a way that makes me dissociate

Frayed words emote a lingering taste of bitterness

Black tar on the highway, begging to be picked up

A fire in the mind bent on the dwelling of petty thoughts

Wondering how not to get sucked into the pit of slander


An opinion on something that doesn’t even matter, a fucking disaster

Overwhelming energy of another, forsaking your wishes to chatter further

Speak of dreams, speak of love, the beautiful things of someone you hold dear

I forsake the gossip of another to break open the void of a broken relationship


Dangerous conceptions, I don’t even care about my own perception

Don’t ask me, so, please none of this matters, let it all go

Loving someone as I try to turn the conversation for the better, I tried greatly

Accomplished some, could of done better yet I did pretty good for a day

A dazzle, a feverish thought, a beholding dream in the eye of my soul


Taken low, shot with low vibrations, bleeding out

Angels in the wind come to swoop in, a time a place to come and stay

A gift for you, I’ll listen only for a moment, for the love I’ve got

Partake more than I should allow myself yet I’m just a human not a bot


Love you so but I have really got to go


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