Formal Phantom


Every time I see you standing over there my hunger grows

Charismatic, ladies man bouncing around the ballroom of chosen ones

All dressed in a suit, I’m so sure it will be time for our meeting

I’m all dressed in fuchsia to be noticed, noticed by you, by him, him too

For all the intoxicating looks, the admiration felt through the glances


My soul floats out of me and I caress my human shell, it’s a different path

The rose garden deep in my soul blooms out of control, begging for display

You come, you rip open everything I am, pluck a rose and whisper uncontrollable thoughts

My favor of God is bestowed upon my silver tongue that keeps you a man in front


In front of them, in front of the clamoring cameras, the flashing bulbs

The paparazzi of supernatural entities have shown themselves with us

So rare, so rarely do they care, the purpose must be vast, souls to be blessed forever in mass


The mass of my Holiday right of passage, the pass over of a girl to a woman, a fool to a Queen


A duke to a king, you bring forth your demons and lay them bare at my feet

I transmute them to everything they weren’t, the new age path, a path for angels

I’ve brought my expansive interior, the interior of a castle of formal phantom


An Opera singing through my fluttering sexuality, a concert you’ve seized

Walked into me, opened my door, flung every window open with your valiant manners

Sheltered you in my arms, consoled your dare devil ways

It’s just one day in our life, what it’s like to be husband and wife


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