Cathedral of Glamour


Down to the altar of every taboo thought you don’t think I’ll forgive you for

Swept up in the flickering lights of a million candles lit for my divine reverence

The shadows in the corners lurk with glee as I summon a life force to bring forth chi

Hate averted, I chose the wisdom of God over an indulgence contrived in blood

I’ve swept the tile of every ancient stone cavern with my hair to achieve bliss

A brush made of gold to touch hair weaved in diamonds, a reflection of porcelain

I jump from pew to pew bathing in the glory of what I am

This cathedral made of hope from stars formed in galaxies far beyond

Stained glass walls hold my euphoric emotions in a warm embrace

Karma is a phase a way to go through an initiation to embrace change

A mob of unconditional love to put any in a trance beyond measure

I’ve slayed my demons now I’ve earned my treasure, a woman’s feather fantasy


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