Rainbow Prisms


Found the silver living in this nautical inspiration I call life

A life worth living, a prosperity worth sharing, for the other ones

The ones who have little thoughts, scream obscenities begging for a new destiny

Banging their teeth to ashes, still wondering when their savior will rise

Glamour is my armor, the armor that accompanies me through every war

Body lotion, lathering every hope for the broken ones upon myself

A chance to understand what can be done to rearrange my life to be a dove

Hopeful change, expressing everything in a loving way, this is the seraphim

We host the souls who allow the good will to be placed into their portal of consciousness

To be happy, to show another way than the vile smiles we often hide behind to trick

Dark arts can only go so far, yet our shining light will reveal the truth every time

A time of rainbow prisms built upon the foundation of rhythm

The rhythm of harmony that is cohesive with the attraction of a magical existence

A revolution of a shifting paradigm, a man holding a woman forever while

While love becomes love, trust turns into fertile winds, the winds of humanities rising

Rising for ourselves, becoming the glittering reality, the existence of a melody


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