Faith & Redemption


Through the faith I’ve had, learned, gained, felt and become. Through that faith, I’ve come to the point where I am on the road to redemption. The redemption of my heart, of my soul, of my body, my mind. The act of allowing myself to accept what was and become what it is I know I can be. Through this I can be what will be and that’s a divine human being living through the heart, achieving, believing and succeeding in life.

Through my redemption I let go of the negative belief that something bad has to happen for something good to happen. Letting go of the belief I’m not good enough, that what I truly desire can’t be, won’t be or is unrealistic. This energy is transmuted, transmuted to everything I am, can be and will be. The transmutation of the old negative self into a complete being of unconditional love, forgiveness and light.

We don’t have to sell our souls to the devil to be successful in the material world, to experience the riches and abundance the universe infinitely provides for anyone gifted with the knowledge to ask and acquire. I won’t be a puppet for evil, thrown a few toys to numb my being.

I AM of good, of LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, PEACE, ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY and transcendence. There is NO human that I can be or that can be me. I have no owner, there is no master. I am not above nor below anyone. I am that I am because I was born of the creator I am. There is absolutely nothing I can’t achieve, the possibilities of life, of manifestation is infinite.

Don’t buy into the fear that you can’t achieve this, that you can’t become everything you’ve aspired to be. Fear will do anything, say anything, whisper anything, use anyone to can to keep YOU in fear. The chains of fear are easily broken as it holds no power in the light of unconditional love and redemption.

Through the sacrifice of the EGO, we gain the wisdom through self. We let go of the ego, we let go of the thought patterns that are programmed to believe that is who we are. It is not who we are, it is only a part of us, a part of this world of duality. It’s here to show us what it’s like on the other side. Through it we learn much, once we come to the point of knowing this we gain our power back. We learn we have the power to ascend, transcend and become the most divine expression of our true selves.

I’ve been down the dark road of selling out, wanting it to be all about me, me, me. I know that suffering, the energy that road brings. It’s wretchedness, evil and can consume and possess you if you don’t hold on to your self, your faith and true love.

The good thing is, anything that’s thought, done or said in that energetic space of fear means nothing in the light of love. It holds no meaning in the realm of unconditional love. Only when we identify with the ego will it try to trick us into believing what we’ve done must haunt us.

What we have done has TAUGHT us, it has gave us the wisdom to live a better life, to do better. It has catapulted us to a new level of awareness, through breaking those chains our consciousness has risen. When we tap into everything we are by going within, we go to a place, become a place of everything that is, is us. We can become anything and do anything. Changing the world with the very fabric of our thoughts and mind!





6 thoughts on “Faith & Redemption

  1. When we are only dependent on the Creator of heaven and earth we are totally free! When we realize who God says we are: his image and likeness and we are his children, we can be totally free; knowing all our needs are supplied from Above! Christ in us is total freedom; our highest and best purpose and destiny! Apart from him we can do nothing, or what we do will lead us to places we no longer want to go!

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  2. Such a powerful message. Fear has taken a hold of my life and I struggle to break free. To be what the Lord has intended for me to be. I will achieve my goals and be the best person I can because that’s what He wants of me.


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