Gala of a New Age


The stars form a vortex opening up the portal to allow me through

Through to become the prophet I was formed to be, to change the world

For the better world, the new world, all for the new earth my love

Accept my lead, let my forgiveness show you what you truly need

Listen to the calling of your soul, it’s the force surely in control

As I stand on this stage in front of billions, three little birds come and visit me

The Holy trinity, the forces come to encourage me, girl I’m floating in heaven

Is this where Jesus Christ comes to behold me, he’s my best friend after all

Buddha is the one I call for change

Oh my God the lights are formed with the thoughts of humanity

My hair flies in wild abandon as the people applause and cheer

Cheer for the reckoning of the rapture, the second coming of honey dreams

Holding the fate of all the ones who’ve dared come to the Gala of a New Age

The affair appointed only to the ones who’ve chosen this way

So I stand in conviction, I deliver the ordained sermon of the great prophecies

With the wings of a trillion angels, with the force of anything ever known

We all fly, fly, fly into a revelation, a Kingdom of eternal divinity

Just like a Star, like the holiness of a shrine in which we shall invest


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