Finish Line


Courage to transform the shell of my looks, a place to come home to

Excitement, validation, the feelings of what it is to begin a new

Denial, unforgiving and these feelings we strive to keep hidden

Hidden in our mind, hidden from the world, hoping no one has the will to carve them out

Paranoia, who knows? The fear of the constant unknown

Hurtful words, self sabotaging yourself consistently

What can you do, how do you change, what will make this pain go away?

Dirty habits, continuous self hate, begging for the reflection in the mirror to change

All for the transition, the transition that’s taken longer than imagined

Yet all the while still coming to the finish line, the line of achievement

My skin of self doubt shedding constantly, it’s not me

I’m in this to make it to the top, to garner what it is I know I got

Swan visions, a beautiful outline of a special woman built with precision

All for the looks, all for the transition

For the ones before me, the ones who shed their bled so I can become me


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