Touch of Ecstasy


Black and white scenery, my  precious thoughts so beautiful

Please don’t you understand the way I praise you, praise the dance

The dance of our delicate design, design of the ages, a great work to know

Dragonflies whispers swim through my skin, angels host the soul within

A bride to be, a honest woman you crave, loving the way you like

The likeness of your extreme desire, a burning in your fingertips

A touch of endless ecstasy, the ecstasy of such ethereal beauty

Finish me, oh just finish me, endlessly finished in your take

Egyptian cotton sheets I’m all wrapped in between, you’re grinning

Chocolate fantasies, candy land freedom in this world my beloved

You won’t ever be alone, I will forgive you always, loving unconditionally

I’ll wait for you to come home, I’ll serve you at the door, I’ll behold you in every thought

The daisies on the porch my sweet, sweet decor

It’s who I am, I furnish this castle with every last trophy

The fixtures of our design, a design of true love, a manly yearning

A yearning so demanding to satisfy, yet I do forever your girl

Satin skirt, yellow high heels all for a colorful presentation

For a man, for a woman, for the broken ones, for my special ones

I give, I show, I bow for my King, rest your fears within my eyes

I shall always see you my darling, dancing with the precious gifts of your heart


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