The Coronation


In this forest of mine where my fears, dreams and love resides

Deep in the woods of every secret I’ve kept, every lie I’ve told

Mountains of make believe, panthers of macabre

A far away land hidden deep in the subconscious, visiting is only a novelty now

All those crying times, wondering why, the times I spent drowning

Drowning in the river, begging for forgiveness, harnessing a dark way

The trumpets blared and I knew right then I was going, going away

A new place, paradise is what they say, a dimension of beauty unknown

Harps are played to the delight of all, leaving the insanity of the forest

Holding the glass of my new found calling, accepting the prize as my trophy

As the crowds cheer, as my name is honored, I often wonder

Wondering of the great unknown, crying for the ones whose heart is now stone

Stone walls, stone hearts still happen to be the ones I still dearly love

I’ll come back for you, I’ll save you, for our sake, for the world at large

Let me go, let me shine, I’ve waited all of my life for this time

The time of banners, glory and proclamation of my validation

My coronation is nearly here, my diamond jubilee is a black tie affair

Dare me to win, dare you to come, all for my love, my passionate embrace

For the face, the face on everything, the face of who I am, a poet to be seen



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