Harnessing your intuition


We all have instincts, intuition and some even say it’s our soul that calls us. God, the universe, whatever it may be. We all have that gift of intuition, just knowing something. Yet it’s not something we are taught to encompass or truly develop growing up. Once we align our free will and become in tuned with that source is when we open ourselves up to a less challenging life.

It guides us directly to what we need, desire and our life purpose. I’ve learned over the course of my life that it’s always right. Even when it’s not the answer or what we truly want to accept. It’s like the heavenly mother gently guiding us, showing us the way through and over anything.

I’ve chosen to let go of the fear, the doubts, the constant paranoia of what if, what might be or not achieving enough. The thing is about success is even one step forward is a pentacle of success. Ego may try to persuade us it’s not good enough but it is! Success is eternal, there is no scarcity, scarcity is only a state of mind. So as we begin our new lives transforming our old thoughts into good abundant thoughts we shall manifest our vision.

The biggest way we sabotage ourselves and halt progress is through impatience. That is probably the hardest challenge I’ve had to overcome so far. Learning the art of patience, it’s so worth it because through patience we learn humility and develop character. Character like that is irreplaceable. Patience doesn’t mean waiting around forever, patience means putting your heart and soul into it. It means letting go of the fear and choosing to let the universe develop it’s course of ultimate manifestation.

It can be hard to let go of the desire to ultimately control how it happens but it’s not our job to control. We just do our part in seeing, feeling our vision, truly feeling the emotions of already having it and let it go.

We will make it, we will achieve our dreams, I know in my heart I will. I so believe in myself and even more so I do believe in YOU. No matter how crazy it seems, how daring your vision may be. It is so. We shall enjoy the process and when the rewards present themselves we will get our glory. The validation of everything we’ve wanted and the ability to share it with the world.



2 thoughts on “Harnessing your intuition

  1. Every one of us is blessed with intuition. It doesn’t come out to speak to us except things doesn’t feel right.
    Thanks for this wonderful piece!

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