Queen of the World


Lace drapes blowing in the mountain breeze

My hair a golden mane, good times here at home

Barefoot, long dress, nails polished in bright red

Hair up real big, longing for the touch of soul

Harnessing my great power for the betterment of all

My womb the home of my ideas, the birthing of an empire

Empress, you’re welcome here on my throne

Throne of plush divinities, I am so hypnotizing

Ancient folklore, a whole other world, I live in this dimension

Tell me everything, I already know, clairvoyance is my best friend

Feather bed of my dreams, I bare my body, oh the sensuality of my movement

Your hearts beating so fast, faster I got you feeling anxious, so dangerous

In the desert of life, in the garden of trust, in the bountiful harvest of grace

I can materialize anywhere, I’m here I’ve been called, chosen after all

The war is on, let me tell you my fierce desire is such a lighting bolt

You will see such beauty, the sacrifice of all of me to transition

The transition of a million butterflies, the metamorphosis of a beautifully adorned angel

The angel of a billion dreams, tumbling through fear to bring peace, sex and love

The sex of your mind, the mind of your fantasies, Oh I got it all




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