Emotional Triggers


Ever been having a great day, great time or just going about your day feeling fine and enjoying yourself then something happens? It could be something really small and insignificant or something huge, yet it triggers your emotions. Yeah in that moment you decide to give your power to the trigger or simply feel it and let it go.

We can either let that trigger be a catalyst for many more triggers to come and create a day of emotional upheaval; or simply let it go and understand we hold the power. It’s all a mind set to achieving and overcoming emotional hurdles and obstacles that hold us back from truly ascending and transcending to our fullest potential. We can’t expect to be successful when we entertain petty thoughts, triggers and emotions.

So before you throw your phone across the room for going to slow, just breathe and take a sip of your drink. Haha! I promise it’s worth it, even though sometimes a good scream can be healing as long as it’s not at anyone particular. We live in a world where things can often get very demanding, stressful and cause much anxiety. So we have to be different, be beacons of ease and mindfulness to truly soar to great heights.

People often wonder about others who seem to become successful overnight or just have something special! “How’d they do it? So lucky! Must be a miracle!” Yes miracles do exist, miracles are also a result of miraculous thinking! Let’s agree to let the triggers float by and not be entertained by our great mind. We understand that every time we let them go we are strengthening our vision and will to succeed.

It’s all about balance, being emotionally balanced and stable is one of the most important things about being successful, because when we are balanced we are centered to deal with anything that may come along. If we are unbalanced we tend to self destruct and sabotage any progress we have made. I’ve been there, done that and it’s not something we have to do any longer. We have learned our lessons in that area, only abundance thinking from now on my friends!


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