The Time is Here


Oh, tears are something I’ve encountered consistently through my time on this planet. Tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears of embarrassment, tears of every emotion you could imagine. I’ve come to understand that my pride and ego will continually be sacrificed and slain in the name of achieving my dreams.

Just when I think there is no more faith, my patience is weaning that’s just the universe gently telling me that believing and seeing the vision is more important now than ever. It’s at our lowest points of energy that we need faith and unwavering belief the most. Regardless of the current circumstances, I know that I know that I know. I know it will be, I know my vision will showcase.

Letting go of the fleeting moments of doubt, anxiety and impatience. Continually choosing to understand what their purpose is and accept that I will live in the faithful grace of my dreams which have taken on their own entity. They have formed their own consciousness and the more powerful positive intentions I feed my dreams with the faster, more appropriately they shall realize.

Patience is truly the ultimate act of self sacrifice, because patience isn’t only the ability to wait it’s the ability to wait in unwavering belief; knowing that you know despite all odds. The universe, God has it’s own way of allowing things to manifest when appropriate. I realize this and understand this now. It has taken me countless times and many moments of identifying with negative thoughts to understand they have only halted my progress for success.

Yet the challenge of transcending the odds, is what makes it all worth it when it’s achieved. Through the perils of our own setbacks we gain the humility and wisdom to handle our own successes in a loving way that can benefit the collective.

Consistency, determination, a willingness to utterly discard anything that doesn’t resonate with our vision.

Don’t give up, just when things seem like they can’t come quick enough, it may just be the next corner that has your name on it. Believe in yourself, Believe.

I sure know I have so much faith, belief and will that it has made me half insane. But, honestly which genius, visionary and person that ever accomplished anything magnificent wasn’t thought to be insane? All the best ones have been this way because they have so much faith in their vision, it becomes and when it does it comes ten fold.


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