Clothed in the Rain

I’m clothed in the rain, my home belongs here in the natural

My dreams reside here in this realm where there is no form of control

A land of continual surprises, gifts that call the soul

Soldiers of love they live right next door, they kiss me with their thoughts

The thoughts of what I am, they told me I’m not like the others

What are the others like? Who are the others?

Who knows they say, it’s you we love, you’re the one

The one, the one we all want, twin flames with the world


If you clothe me in the rain, will you wash me with the wind

These eyes surely are raging fires for the center of source

Well, God has called my train is leaving

Gone to reside here, here in the ceaseless abundant bounty of glory

Glory for my beauty, glory for my talents, glory for my people

Glowing for the righteous, comfort for the wretched

All I know is the road is for way showers, movers and shakers

The harvest of a million universes, the calling of my floral fantasy


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