Red Lips, Kiss Kiss

Red Lips, Kiss Kiss

Got my hair done, take me out

Dolled for the masses, toasting champagne

Seep into these veins, flow into my blood

Call me faithful, call me beautiful

Just more than words can explain

Specially brazen, social graces

Red hair, will make any man think twice

Can’t wait for you to get inside

Inside my mind, inside my transfixing contributions

I told you this isn’t a fucking illusion

I got God, I got God

I consummate in this presence, a shower of energy


Don’t you dare take your eyes off of me, I’ll behold you forever you see

A dainty girl, an enigma trifecta, a real lady girl

Angel love, sexy much

This enterprise built upon love

I’m the mirror, mirror, mirror

See the reflection, see it so

Holy doll, Holy Queen

You’re flying in my breeze, raised by ancient Gods

I know, I turn, I show, all for the eyes

Your eyes, My Eyes


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