Cowboy, you know I got your heart

I have that soul, supernaturally in control

Take me to the stables of your mind

I shall ride your horse, oh so lovingly of course

A poet at heart, you knew it from the start

Calling, Calling, Calling all my angels

A cowboy, a cowboy! He’s on the loose

Round him up and bring him to me

Confess to me my man, confess your affection

Oh you say it so angrily, let it go

You know Ego can destroy a man

Aren’t cowboys not men of dignity

I’ve given you the honor, do you love me?

My best friend, will you be

Take me out to the pasture, caress me with need

I must serve you as you please

Open your heart, send me your light

You’re free, you’re free cowboy

Love who you please

If it’s me, if it’s me

I’ll wait, surely it’s to be

There you are, come to me!

Now I’m free


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