Writing my first novel

So I’ve decided to write my first novel! It sure is crazy how this has all transpired over the last few months. Coming to the realization that my soul needed this blog and a new way of life to express myself and inspire others. Due to an unfortunate circumstance I wasn’t able to post for a little over a month and during this time I was doing alot of thinking.

I’ve always had the fantasy and dream to write a book and thought how fun and interesting it would be to bring thoughts, imagination and story telling to life. I admired others who wrote. I didn’t grow up writing or aspiring to be an author. My dream was to always be a socialite, the fantasy of being an actress and entertainer was what I’d dreamed about.

But, as life took its course I started having different revelations through my experiences, struggles and challenges. Constantly wondering if I’d ever be successful but never willing to put in the discipline, consitency and dedication to achieve greatness. I’ve always felt that I would do something special, change lives and be a beacon of expression. I remember being 9 years old and sitting in front of the TV and knowing in that moment that I was either going to be an actress or a teacher.


I now realize that teaching comes in all forms, including writing, self expression and being a pentacle of inspiration to others. I still have the dream of some day acting and doing roles but that isn’t my main objective. Just a few months ago I remember asking God to reveal to me any hidden talents, to reveal to me anything that I was truly good at that I didn’t know I was good at.

It was revealed to me through a dream to start this blog, several days before I even began this blog early in September. In this dream I had a vision of the aftermath of my success through my blog. It was surreal really. Beyond my wildest dreams, yet I felt the fear I was holding on too and knew in that moment I had to let it all go to truly become everything I’ve ever wanted to be.

I wasn’t particularly good at writing in school, I didn’t even realize I had a gift for poetry until I was in my early twenties. Yet now that I look back I’ve always had a way with words and been very witty. I love words, writing is alot like decorating; placing words here or there to create the most beautiful presentation. Like fashion or style, it’s all about the ensemble, what does it evoke? How does it make you feel? Feeling something is the whole purpose of it all.

I’ve finally feel something I can truly be passionate about. I’ve had so many spiritual experiences and gone through so much that I can’t wait to truly share this with everyone through my blogs, poetry and writing.

I’m going to write my first novel, I’m so excited about this and am going to throw myself completely into it and lose everything I thought I knew and just go for it. I know the story I will tell will help transform many lives. This is what it’s all about to me transforming lives, transforming myself and living in a place of passion.

So this new blog, my path, my aspirations to become a author are on the table. I’ve finally felt like I’ve found my calling. I’m so flattered that anyone would want to read anything I write, it means so much to me. Thank you for starting this path with me and just wait it wont be long and we will change the world together.


Holly Ann Kurt


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