Lady Rose

I got this cute little pink rose in my hair, it’s so charming

Some lipstick, big hair, accepting all your crazy dares

Dare to love, dare to be vulnerable

Leather seats, silk gowns, I’m all ready

You’re my steady man, you want me cause you can

I reach in and grab your soul, I beg you not to let our bodies lose control


Preening in pleasure, purring like a kitty kat forever

Got that sass, why don’t you pull out that guitar and play me something

I’ve always had a thing for bluegrass, folk even some country sounds

I shall bathe in your presence, evaporate in your admiration

A beauty Queen spoken for, you’ve clearly made it so

A man with a million dreams, a woman with a million and two

Accosted by your demeanor, accepting of your ether, supernaturally valid

The validity of my dance as I show you what a woman can do, now I’ve proven it to you

My pink rose, my adorning style, I’ll come, I’ll go, I’ll run, I’ll fly

All the while you are by my side


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