Altering your Reality

As we change our thoughts and reprogram our subconscious mind to bring about the reality we desire, we save ourselves. Saved from the pain of suffering by giving into EGO which proudly claims we aren’t good enough, worthy enough and can’t possibly achieve the life of our dreams. Yet you and I both know truly anything is possible, the power of our free will is so magnificent. All the highly successful people have achieved this, whether or not they chose to use their power for EGO (which is devoid of LOVE) or LOVE is a different story.

Material success built on any foundation other than love is ultimately failure on the spiritual level. I’ve always been quite ambitious and had dreams, I haven’t always  channeled love and grace while trying to manage these dreams. It caused some of the deepest most profound suffering that I could of even imagined. Such pain, emptiness and complete debauchery. It took me falling on my face a million times to finally wake up, accept responsibility for my thoughts, actions and choose to do better.

Changing thoughts and what thoughts we identify with and give the most emotions too is challenging. Yet it’s a challenge your very life, your very dreams depend on. I am now realizing how negative the thoughts were and why my life kept manifesting negative, uncomfortable and hurtful experiences. Because I was thinking these things and not only thinking these things actually giving these thoughts powerful emotions so they can manifest into my life.

They say we have somewhere around 40,000 thoughts a day, obviously even the most righteous thinker is going to have a moment of doubt, jealousy or disappointment, etc. This is what it is to be human, we experience these and then we must immediately let it go. It’s when we identify with these thoughts, invite them in to live in our presence that they start building the temple of hell in our minds. The more we give energy to these thoughts the more power we give away and allow ourselves to be beckoned at their call.

Yet when we realize we truly do have the power, that this is our free will. No one can take our free will away, ego likes to trick, deceive and pretend it can take your free will away. Yes some do completely give in to those thoughts, those wretched thoughts and the more you give into them the more vile and evil they become. Until it comes a point where you are completely possessed by this negative energy and will used by it for its own agenda.

I’ve experienced this, I know that suffering. Life in that realm is everything you could ever imagined hell to be. Death is only a fantasy because you live in fear of dying but dream and wish you would so you can escape the suffering. Yet the only way to escape the suffering is coming to the realization the light within you is still there. It may have gotten small, it may be flickering but it’s still yearning and screaming to be set free.

I was through with the wretched thinking, the proclamation of my souls calling overcame all. My dreams, my goals, my true essence would never give in completely to the forces that haunt so many. I knew deep down that what I was going through would teach me more compassion and understanding of what it means to live in darkness. I understand why people do heinous acts. They have made the choice to identify with that negativity and once you do it takes hold.

The beautiful thing of it all is that redemption is offered to all, no matter what you’ve done, what you’ve thought, who you’ve hurt or how much you’ve been hurt. Redemption is for all. You will certainly still bare the price for what you’ve done, justice is certainly served cold. Yet when you choose to be redeemed with love it makes the cross you bare that much lighter.

So lets identify with the thoughts that makes us happy, that focus on success, abundance, life, friendship, truth, freedom and the things that truly bring us deep joy. When something comes and its such a pleasant happy thought entertain that thought with love and we will manifest experiences like that. This is how it all works, getting on the vibrational level of what it is we want to be and attract into our life.

Sure negative thoughts will come but the more you fine tune your mind to cultivate your soul you will see the rewards. We are all still humans don’t be so hard on yourself if you mess up. Setbacks are only ammunition to fuel the hunger for a successful life.

So I shall continue to live in a place of love, and through incredible patience my life will change before my very eyes. Oh how beautiful it is to live in your power, I’m grateful to have found mine and it may be a little shaky at the moment as I learn how to truly wield. I have no doubt it wont be long and I’ll be mastering the greatest secret of all.


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