See that painting, yes over there

Isn’t that the woman from the mirror

What a Star, what a divine success

Is she who I am, am I such a notion

Oh my, there are endless possibilities in my world

Take me to the garden, swing me in the trees


Give me my man, give me my baby

That’s all a girl like me needs, truly

Trinkets, diamonds, jewels yeah bring those too!

So silly really, yet adorn me for God

Unite me with my deepest calling, smile for me

Pose for the world, shall we transfix the nations?

You know in my realm, there’s this butterfly

Fly, Fly, Fly flutterby, oh she does

The beacon of my heart in the essence of hope

Nothing can forsake her in this land

The land of every dream, every lovely yearning fancy

A fairy, a unicorn, magical beauties of the unknown

See that light! That’s our home

It’s so beautiful, it’s so close

Closer, oh my! Yes, awe homeee

The embellishment of Awe

Awe, don’t wait, come!



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