The Sun Will Rise Again


Setbacks, self disappointment and relapses are all things we often experience when making a break through to a new way of life. It hurts to know you messed up, but it’s comforting knowing the Grace of God has saved yet again. I’m grateful to God for loving me unconditionally and blessing me with the power of faith.

I must have ten guardian angels to be saved so many times from the brink. There are no words that can express the depth of my gratitude. I suppose on my short journey I got a little too proud and even a little self righteous. Speaking all this beautiful wisdom but yet to be securely firm in my foundation. I’m only human after all, I relapsed on my alcohol recovery and it lead me into another unfortunate situation. Yet I’ve made it through.

I won’t ever claim to be perfect and over the last month I’ve surely been dealt a hard dose of humility. I’ve never been the most humble person yet I’ve come to know it so well. I’m thankful that I can now take this bump in the road to build my empire. To help others save themselves through the power of Grace, of God, of Love. That power that resides deep within all of humanity.

Regardless of the fear mongering and pandering we will not surrender to the dark forces that seek destruction. I am here to live for love and I know so many others to be beacons of hope, love, joy and ascension. It’s definitely a challenging path and we must come to terms how our thoughts have lead us to our present destination.

One step back doesn’t mean failure, one step back means more ammunition to fuel the hunger for success, transcendence and over all well being. I’m here on this journey to heal and to truly become one again. To be in the graces of God, to do the work of good and work that helps bring peace and joy to others. I don’t claim to know everything, I don’t claim to have special knowledge that makes me any different than any other person. All I know is that my heart yearns for eternal life and peace.

Through the sheer power of my will, I will overcome the temptation of wretchedness and improve my life and in the process hopefully improve someone else’s. Yet I know that I can’t become that beacon of change and hope until I’ve truly shown by the ways of my very deeds.


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