My Child

As I sit here in a daze of wonderment I think of your compassion

The way your eyes twinkle with life

Hard times come and gone, trying times can’t try no more

Dreams do come true, faith all so real

My child, My child you’ve overcome so much

So much generosity in your touch

I know those tears, I’ve felt that pain

I’ve bared the cross so to say

That humiliation stings, doesn’t it?

You’ve always been quite the stubborn thing, learning the hard way

Challenges can be so beautiful though once you let go

You have so, now not to worry my love

You’ve been chosen for greatness, for exquisite passion

A life of candlelit dreams some like to romance

Such luxury, all the beautiful things

Yet most of all the beautiful soul, oh the soul!

The lives that will be touched, the hearts to mend through the power of grace

The sailing to heights the world has yet to know, the adornment of Gods essence

There will always be much to bare, so the conviction of faith will be your saving grace

No fear, not a person in the world has the embrace of so many, forever in love


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