Letting go of the Vision in Grace


As, I have begun my journey just two short months ago, meditating everyday. I started from a daily 30 minutes combined to being able to now meditate consecutively for over an hour an half in one sitting. Approximately performing about two hours of meditation manifestation daily, which of course I have plenty of free time to do and the benefits have superseded my wildest dreams.

I’ve been focusing on my dream life from abundance, happiness, grace, faith, patience, the home of my dreams, success and independence.  It is now time for me to fully let this energy go and become one with grace. I will be focusing solely on the energy of grace for the next month and we will see how things are after that.

I will not be focusing on independence, abundance or any other emotion besides grace. I know that I know and have unwavering faith that the intentions I have sent out shall be. I will come back to focusing on these energies in the right time. I think it is important for me to fully let go of my vision and have faith and unwavering focus on grace.

Grace has called out to me, so I shall experience it and unite with it in every way. Through grace every desire that will always live eternally in my heart will flow into me, through me and around me like the most beautiful, powerful waterfall ever known.

So, I let it all go with much peace and gratitude. My time has come, my war has been won. Love was chosen and that’s the life I am transforming into, a life of grace. Through my service to grace, everything I could of possibly imagined will happen three fold, ten fold, infinitely.

I am so free.


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