Bound in Grace


I’ve found the grace that dwells within my spirit, radiating from my heart and vanquishing the negativity that lies anywhere near me and my life. A hopeful faith that exudes through thoughts, actions and words, even the movement of a body. Grace is just like a magic carpet, you sit with it, become it and it shall take you anywhere you could possibly fathom.

Manifesting grace has been quite thrilling, watching the way it ripples through everything I am and out into the world around me. The smell of love, of grace of hope, it’s silly really to think you can smell emotions, yet I can. I smelt the divinity of happiness and grace as I walked through the house. As I smelt the laundry being washed, I felt the grace of what it is to be human; to help others and to literally change the very energy not only in myself but the things around me.

This is a stone castle being built, a castle that will far outlast my mere beautiful life on this planet. With that knowing, with that faith I am content. Content on my path of redemption and success.

Grace is such blessing to have in my life, to just bathe in that presence. I feel it so deeply, it’s like applying a delicate yet powerful aroma to my soul. Yet, really grace is my soul, it’s what I’ve chosen to become.

The distinguishing diploma of a foolish girl transformed into a elegant, patience woman; that’s the initiation of my heart forever bound to the cosmos. As I let all that doesn’t serve me and the highest of all gracefully go, I welcome in all of my hearts desires.


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