Transformation Point

I notice myself at these transformation points in my recovery, healing and creating as I am utilizing meditation manifestation to bring about the life I was born for. During these moments or pockets I sense feelings of not wanting to meditate and just a feeling of going back to what’s comfortable and old.

I feel these every few days to a week although I am committed; and I go on to meditate and create. Once I quickly get past that energy and send it lovingly away I find myself in a blissful state. A place of such comfort, a knowing that everything is infinite, I can be and create to my hearts desire. I’ve seen the confirmation of the manifestations of my desires so I have no doubt in the process.

To me this is all so exciting, I’m really enjoying the process of becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Of course with a very large amount of grace, patience and love.


I’m noticing and becoming very aware of all of my thoughts and how negative I once was. I see these thoughts, I let them pass by and focus on good thoughts of gratitude, peace and abundance. I now fully see how my mindset, thoughts and words affected everything and everyone around me.

One person, me, you can literally change not only our lives but the lives of billions just with our mere thoughts which lead to words & corresponding actions. I notice now that I am so aligned with my desires, dreams that I cannot help but to take action, I literally do it without doubt. When before I was so self destructive that even something I wanted very much could of hit me on the head and I still wouldn’t of realized it was there.

One step at a time and these small steps will lead to bigger steps, to leaps and bounds to where everything manifest so quickly and powerfully because I am so in-tuned and aligned with my thoughts and creating abilities.

We all have been born with these gifts, although very few of us have been programmed since birth to utilize our every talent, gift and creating abilities as a sovereign member of this universe.

As I progress more and more, the transformation points will become more transparent, visible and astonishing. The foundation is being built right now and it’s built with unconditional love, grace, patience and a fierce knowing that can move mountains.


3 thoughts on “Transformation Point

  1. Looking back on that negativity is a blessing and a curse. I hate knowing that was me for a while, but I need to see it to know where I am now…and not to go back

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    • Yeah but when we have resonated in such a dark place it only makes us more compassionate and understanding when we see or encounter people who are in that place. Now that we are centered we can see beyond the judgement and have love for even our enemies.

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      • Found that to be true, too. I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of others and *great* patience through all this.

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