Thank You

Thank you for coming full circle

Thank you for realizing what is within you

You’ve finally understood what it takes to have it all and have it with gratitude


There is nothing we can’t accomplish, go around the world we shall

Live a million dreams come true it will be

Touch the lives of many just being ourselves

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for being insane enough to know that no matter what it is so

Because of that knowing, that desire, dream, whatever you want to call it

That ‘it’ factor has made us transform ourselves, changing, changed

So wild, so free, so centered, living through the core of the dream

This is all a dream, what a beautiful dream it is, how magical life can be when you just believe.

These tears are the tears of the ones who will see through our life that it’s reality

Thank you for understanding suffering has only made us wiser

Through such wisdom can we know the true depth of transcendence




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