Daily Prompt: Value

What does value mean to you?


Self worth, morals, principles, standards even self identity is all what comes to mind when I think of value. My value has fluctuated from believing I was worth nothing and money was God to now being transformed into knowing I am a worthy sovereign human being. I think we learn our value through self discovery.

Our parents, upbringing, childhood experiences even our religious/spiritual background all reflect what we identify our values as. I’ve found value in faith, faith that the good in me will always supersede in the most prominent ways.

I find value in what it really means to love unconditionally, that to me is true value. Value is the intangible forces of nature. The emotions, the energies that cannot be explained in human terms.

Sure ,there is monetary value in certain assets yet that is even dependent on the economy and the system that money runs in. So, in the end, that really has no true value. Is value not something that lasts forever? Love lasts forever, even if it’s in different forms. I find that to be the most valuable asset in life.

Maybe value is all a matter of perspective because I do find value in beautiful things, a beautiful home and looking beautiful. This brings value to my life because it uplifts my soul and comforts my heart. There is value in abundance both spiritually and materially.

So even if something doesn’t have the same value as love doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any value. It’s all about staying centered in love so we can value all the things life has to offer. Whether it’s the smell of fresh flowers or that new car we love driving in.

When we value our self, we can’t help but value others and on it goes. Value is such a beautiful gift.

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