Queen of Hearts


An ample woman in your dreams, a great force comes to life in your fantasy

The reality of a Queen, a break-taking beholding woman to be, my man you see

A fertile soil, the garden of my body, you come to bring your seed

An indestructible flower that is the fabric of our lives, is it for this feeling we strive

No my love, we are free flowing in this river, a river of hearts to the soul of fresh air

Airy grace, walking through rain, showing myself what it is to be brave

Like the man you are, the King of my star, the star of my heart, the heart of my trust

A welcoming embrace, the touch of your face, my darling so, my lover to behold

Beholden in the lingering of eternal breath, a breath of life

This tree, this tree is who I am, this tree has birthed the infinite essence of our love

The ferocious yet gentle caress, nurturing like thy mother, powerful like thy father

As I dance through this field, this field of dreams, in these dreams I bathe

An experience of a trillion trifectas, the trinity of everything

Call upon the Great Spirit, Call upon the Source of all

Let our love live, Let our life be, Let our dreams become as they so


Holly Kurt


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