Everlasting Life


Becoming the way is how we show the way. If we cant be the wisdom we speak, then it holds no meaning and we become another talking head. I’ll admit I used to give out the best wisdom, advice and feedback but I wasn’t living by that. My life wasn’t a reflection of my knowledge and that’s why I was suffering.

For what is knowledge if it is not used to be better and do better. When we stop cultivating our true self our soul and identify solely with our ego this is when we truly suffer. Although through this suffering it gives birth to some of our greatest wisdom.

I knew the way through my suffering but I was continually making the choice to go against my heart and lay trapped with ego. Finally I had enough and that is when my journey began to raise my consciousness, become the best me and manifest the life of my dreams. The ego had me trapped in very dark beliefs that something bad had to happen for something incredible to happen.

That energy field I was resonating in was just fear and fear will do anything and say anything to keep you trapped. That’s how it feeds of your free will to choose it, it has no real power on its own, only the power we give it. Through us using our free will for the betterment of our true selves which in return is the betterment of humanity we will transform. We will not only transform ourselves, but the world and the planet.

So one step at a time, one thought at a time I am building my foundation of greatness, success and abundance with fertile soul watered with unconditional love, hope, faith and eternal life. As my seeds begin to grow, my tree of life shall bear all the fruit of the great spirit of everything that is.

We can’t convert anyone, we can’t persuade anyone. This is not our way, our way is BEING the way through our divine essence, our mere light will show the way. It will inspire others and others whom resonate shall come and we will manifest a new heaven and a new earth through manifesting the divine expression of our deepest desires and dreams.

Meditating our way to everlasting life.



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