Patience with Meditation Manifestation


As we finally choose to take back power over our thoughts and manifest thing life we want, become the person we feel we are truly meant to be. This takes sacrifice, as their is the law of attraction/vibration their is also the law of sacrifice. We must put the time, energy and effort into our meditation and thoughts so we can manifest the reality we desire.

Obviously the more energy we give something, whether an emotion or person or anything the more power it has. So if we make it a ritual to do our meditation daily, a couple times a day. We make mantras, affirmations, hang reminders around the house or even a vision board. Through this we are constantly and consistently reprogramming our subconscious mind to attract and alter our very life.

I’ve been meditating on many emotions but primarily peace, happiness, abundance and grace as well as kindness and compassion. I can’t expect after only two months to be the happiest most graceful and compassionate person in the world when my mind was programmed for quite a while to be quite selfish and destructive.

This s where the most important thing about meditation manifestation comes in. PATIENCE, through patience we allow things to flow and transform with ease without blocking or resisting them. We allow our thoughts to change, our reactions and our very life as well as surroundings.

Through consistency and patience comes transformation, this is not just we meditate one day and for example win the lottery the next. Although it is possible to win the lottery, if that is truly our hearts desire but that would as well take consistent vibration of what it is to be a lottery winner.

So we must be patient and compassionate with ourselves while we are hyper aware of our thoughts, actions and reactions. If an old thought pattern comes up, let it go. If we act in a way that no longer resonates with our core. We quickly and gracefully apologize and let it go. As we continue on our path of redemption and ascension to becoming the best us we can be we will before we know it have transformed and manifested the life of our dreams.

The thing about patience doesn’t mean it has nor will take a long time to accomplish or manifest something. Patience only allows it to happen in the most natural and authentic way that suits the highest of all involved.

Desperation creates destruction, patience creates perseverance. So shall we believe, achieve and become the highest calling of ourselves and enjoy all of the goodies life has to offer.



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