Letting go of Frustration


When we continually channel the energy of frustration we are in essence preventing ourselves from succeeding and manifesting the things we truly desire into our life. The more we identify with the feelings of annoyance, frustration and so on. The more we focus on it and bring it into our lives.

I’m dealing with this right now because there are things I feel like people around me should have the courteous of doing, yet don’t. I can’t make them, me getting snappy with them and telling them not do it won’t make them do it. This is were we must let go, we can’t change anyone’s behavior whether it is in regards to being messy or they have an addiction.

We have to accept our responsibilities for our reactions, thoughts and energy we express around these pet peeves. It could be from family, house mates, coworkers, etc. We have to accept the flaws in others and be grateful for their good qualities and that must be what we focus on if we want to achieve harmony.

This can be challenging, believe me I understand this so much. Yet, the more we practice patience, gratitude and selflessness we are willing to do it to makes us happy, it’s about our emotions. Through our emotions of being happy we reflect that unto others through our words, thoughts, actions and just mere presence.

There will be some cases where you will just no longer resonate around certain people and certain folks, even family. This doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful for them and don’t love them. It just means our energies are in conflict and our vibrations are not in alignment to cohabit the same space for more than a certain time.

While being patience and channeling grace, patience and understanding as well as being grateful for the good in others we will literally manifest ourselves out of the situation or the person will notice their part and make more of an effort.

It’s all an energy thing, as we all know everything is energy. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, energy can only me transformed/transmuted. So everything we desire and want is literally waiting for us to call out in a state of grace and we shall receive.

In order for us to achieve success at manifesting our deepest desires, we must let go of the little petty differences, conflicts, frustrations and channel a deeper understanding of what our goal is. Our goal either being a feeling or something material, etc.

If we want to change our living situation or work environment, then it shall be. We don’t need to know how, when, etc. We just need to decide that we want it, manifest it; be grateful for our present situation in a state of understanding that it no longer resonates with us and it’s okay to move on with grace and gratitude.


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