Good vs Evil

We must focus on the GOOD in the world, on unconditional love, peace, harmony to bring about more transformation for peace. For every act of violence, racism, hate and death/murder there is an amazing miracle taking place.

WE can choose to live in a place of unconditional love where we have compassion for both sides of the conflict. We must not focus on the conflict itself because that just perpetuates more conflict. The best way we can help is by being the best most authentic person we can be.

Channeling the highest part of ourselves and through that light it will draw us to act in the most suitable way for us to make the difference in the world and the change we are suppose to bring about. Many want to change the world but so few want to change themselves.


5 thoughts on “Good vs Evil

  1. So…to add to this. These are all amazing. I wanted to tell you the reason people might not be seeing them is that if you put more than 15 tags, they wont show up in the Reader. Which is a sin because these are all so lovely so I wanted you to be able to share your writing with more people.

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