How to Meditate without Shutting your Brain off

You don’t have to shut your brain off to meditate. You can use repetitive thoughts such as, I am HAPPY, I AM PEACE, I AM ABUNDANCE, I AM ACTING in a COMPASSIONATE WAY in every area of my life.

Say things like this in your mind to yourself and feel the emotion accompanying it as it is yours NOW in the moment. Feel and say this over and over. Use different mantras and sayings. Do this while meditating, you don’t have to completely empty your mind.

This is how I meditate. Although, I do try to focus a few minutes on nothingness, I meditate for a purpose and that is to manifest. Manifest the emotions I want in my life, the material abundance, the spiritual abundance, etc.

Use some meditation music you can find plenty on spotify and youtube or whatever music subscription service you use.



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