Grateful for another year to make my dreams come true


Grateful that I’ve made it to be 25 years old.

Grateful that I have friends and family who have loved me in the worst and best of times.

Grateful to be on this new journey of self enlightenment beckoning my dreams through my heart.

Grateful to have made this blog so I can share my life, thoughts, words, happiness and joy with the world.

Grateful to YOU who is reading these words right now, Thank You.


I will accomplish more in 25th year than I have for the previous ten. I’m making a claim that I will manifest my dream life within now and September 23rd, 2017.I will be independent, successful, grateful, abundant, happy and wealthy. Now that I’ve finally tapped into the infinite resources of everything that is, I know that I am worthy.

My inherent right, my birth right is to live in peace, prosperity, abundance and beauty. As so shall it be mine and so it is done. Let it be so! Let it be so!



Holly Kurt


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