How I manifest through Meditation

I just sit down and close my eyes. I focus on the feelings of patience, grace, peace. I truly feel the energy of what those feel like to me deeply as possible. Abundance, wealth, success, happiness. I feel and envision myself in my house being independent, how the things and people I’m surrounded by make me feel.


How it feels doing the things I love. I feel it so deeply sometimes I cry with a lot of emotion from the gratitude. I feel that it is mine in this very moment. I do that for everything from material things to being and feeling whole and united with everything.

Ever so often some old negative blocks will pop up, something that I need to let go of and I will focus on letting that go and releasing it all; forgiving and then I will move back to focusing on my abundance and happiness.


4 thoughts on “How I manifest through Meditation

  1. I agree, Holly, it works! And even when it seems that it doesn’t work, it is actually in progress. I love how you focus on blocks by not letting them take over. 🙂

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