Conviction of Self

When we align with our truest, highest self through true conscious connection we allow ourselves to be opened up to a whole new definition of what it means to live. We open ourselves to a new lease on what it means to be a human being. Through the cultivation of our spirits, hearts, souls and balancing that with our minds, there is absolutely nothing we can’t accomplish.

Through our very aura, the energy we hold around ourselves we influence, inspire and motivate. Just by being who we are, just by embracing our divine infinite nature as a being. We don’t have to give advice constantly, or seek to convert anyone. All we simply have to do is be the light and show the way. Fear can’t sustain the light, so it has no power here.

Through the continuous conscious decision to let go of anything and everything that doesn’t serves the highest good of ourselves and all; we literally transform not only our lives but the lives of others.


The conviction of our aura, the stature of our being is enough to transform worlds beyond our imagination. Facing challenges will come as tasks of ease, like a high school student doing kindergarten work.

Channeling the wisdom of the universe, the heart of all, living through this energy consciously is a miracle. I embrace that I do not know everything and I have no desire too. I do know enough, I do live enough.

Through my meditation, choices, actions and words I will be the best being that I can possibly be and through that I know I’m bound to touch the lives of others. We are all here to heal each other, to unite each other.

My conviction, mission, passion knows no bounds. I’m so grateful to have be gifted with what it is my calling is.


Holly Kurt


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