Sovereign Woman


I understand who you are, I love you unconditionally.

I’v let go to heal, to transform to become who I truly am.

I was in love with who I thought you were, who I thought you could be.

The fantasy, in love with the way you made me feel.

Through you I’ve felt qualities that I admire in a man.

I’m grateful for what you taught me.

It’s truly amazing how emotions truly teach us; emotions are just energy in motion after all. The way a first love, a first crush can stay with us forever.

That unconditional love, the feeling of me wishing you eternal happiness.

Forever I always want your dreams to come true and so they shall if you believe.

I’m moving on now, I’ve let go of the fantasy. I wish you well my old friend.

I’ve found my sovereignty as a woman, so I am free, my heart is free.



Holly Kurt


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