Healing with ease


Embracing things that we can’t change. When I say this I mean things that don’t necessarily harm us but that we don’t particularly like. Such as traits in our loved ones, friends, partner that just annoy us. I’ve come to embrace these qualities and not dwell on the things they do or don’t do.

I’m not going to let the way others act and behave decide my happiness & mood. I’ve learned as I’m healing that when we come to this decision, we set ourselves free. Living with others can be challenging, but there is comfort in knowing there is someone there.

I was so sick of playing the victim, of trying to cope with copious amounts of alcohol, emotionless sex, over eating, etc. That suffering was caused because I was refusing to truly let go of the negative thought patterns. The negative energy that I was holding on to made me into a very miserable, suicidal, hateful person.

It wasn’t until I finally truly decided that I wanted better than I’ve been doing better. Through my meditation manifestation I’ve achieve so much in almost two months. Literally reborn into unconditional love, letting go of the fear. Yet, even in my darkest hours when I wanted to end it all, my faith in the good saved me. It rescued me time and time again, for that I’m grateful.

So as I let go of the wrong things I’ve done, I forgive myself. I forgive others for what they have done to me. I let go of the insignificant then be triggers that would often cause me to spiral into a mind set of self destruction.

Every moment I’m making the decision to understand others and love them anyways. Making the conscious choice to do whats not only best for me but for everyone involved.

The road to recovery is not hard, now that I’ve finally realized and tapped into the power of my heart, it’s all ease from here on out. Does that mean that certain things or people wont be challenging, no. It just means that I deal with them with ease because I have garnered the wisdom to understand why they are acting or being the way they are.


Holly Kurt



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