Awareness of Self


As I continue to meditate manifesting the life I want, the awareness of everything has been heightened to magnificence. I just see the way I act, the way my words affect, the way my tone can ripple through someone and so on.

I’m so happy to be on this journey, to get to experience this life. I meditated for about 1 hour and 8 minutes today. Manifesting my dreams life becoming the emotions of what it is I want. I’m so proud and grateful to have made it that long, it’s the longest I’ve ever done in one sitting.

I’m so amazed at how much this has changed my life it such a short amount of time. I’m pleased with myself. Everything from self worth, eating habits, thought patterns, spoken words have transformed to a more compassionate, understand, loving and kind nature. This is everything I’ve always wanted.

I can see the sunshine; there is nothing I can’t accomplish and manifest. I am that I am and that is a creator of my destiny, fate and world. Through the source of all I have everything I’ve ever needed, I’ve called upon that force.

Through the activation of my higher self, I have accepted that I am successful, abundant, wealthy, happy, joyful, charitable, kind, intelligent and have the body I’ve always desired. It is so.

Through my patience I shall persevere to the greatest heights known to anything I could of possibly imagine. I’m eternally grateful as I am an infinite being of the universe. Through the infinity of all, I have accepted, tapped into and become everything that I’ve always wanted to be.



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