The rose of my Heart

I think it’s quite fascinating how fast the human will can go from harnessing no power to harnessing incredible power. I’m sure that even when we think we have no will, no power left it’s still there keeping us holding on. I’m grateful for that part of me that kept me going.

That was the rose of my heart, my faith. A rose that never dies and lives on eternally. I look forward to every new day as a new day to meditate, manifest and enjoy what it’s like being me. I’m actually enjoying the process of how me changing my thoughts changes the way I act. Really it is all so fascinating how this all works here. The mind, the body, the spirit.


I’m so grateful to have experienced what I have, I’ve gained so much through this journey. From my transition to become the woman I am, believing in my heart since I was a child that deep in my heart I was a woman regardless of what other people thought or told me.

I didn’t know it was even possible to transition until I got to be a teenager around 17. Growing up was definitely a challenge, I saw the world through unique eyes. I’ve let all that pain go from the suffering I went through, I forgive I forgive I forgive. I now understand why I had to go through that to understand not only myself better but to have more compassion for others.

My heart is so alive, so free. There were so many times when I truly didn’t think I was going to live much longer. I now know I have much left to do on this planet. Through changing my life, I will change my life of millions of other peoples. I am incredibly grateful to be able to take this journey and give my life to the power of unconditional love.



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