Meditating my world Magical

I’m so relieved, I feel so free.

Letting go is so much easier than suffering, I’m releasing the negativity. Yeah it pops up and I cry, but I’m crying for my healing not my suffering. That’s the beauty in this journey of transformation, redemption and success. Through my redemption I will be the woman I longed to be, I knew I could be.


All thanks to meditation, all thanks to that breaking point. The breaking point where it all came back to one. When I was FUCKING through! I was through will the self sabotage, lies and delusions. I was sick of the alcohol ruining my life, the casual sex leaving me feeling worthless. The cigarettes leaving my chest tight and uncomfortable.

I’ve left it behind the addictions and carelessness. I do have VALUE, I am worthy of poise, elegance and self respect. I do respect myself.

Meditation has changed my life, manifesting the life I want through becoming the emotions (energy) I desire has transformed not only my life but my family with whom I live. I’m so much happier, my I could scream in JOY!

Dancing through this like an Angel on her journey back to unity.


Holly Kurt


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