Heart of God


Breaking free from the statistics, the odds, the rules of ‘the game’. I’ve heard so many times, well the chances are this or that. You know how many people wish they could have that and don’t. You know you are crazy if you think you can achieve that. You have to work a regular job to survive! You have to play to the rules of the system to win the game!

Absolutely NOT! I do not nor do you have to play to the rules of the system. You can live in a mindset where you have all the odds stacked against you OR you can live in the mindset of I make the RULES, I am what I am and I manifest what I choose.

I won’t buy into the rules of a system built on fear, greed and hopelessness. I buy into a system where when you tap into the infinite source of the universe of the creator of all, ALL is abundant and available. We are all given this gift, yet so few know and even fewer harness it but times are changing. I let GO of all the rules I’ve been taught. I let go of the mindset of small thinking, I am EXCELLENT. I am the master of my game, this game of life.

I am a force that demands, does and is. I am that I am and that is a powerful human being with the capability to change the world through the transformation of myself.

The chains of wretchedness have disengrated, the gates of the infinite possibilities of the universe have opened; I walked through with an open heart and mind. I believe in the amazement of life, the cosmos of everything that is. With the power of my mind my will is done.

Done for the heart of God, for the heart of all, for this heart of mine.



Holly Kurt


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