Through the storm and into the Sun.

I’ve made it. I’m accomplished so much within my soul.

I almost thought I lost the very essence of who I was to the very thing that can consume us all, EGO. Yet my faith for not only the good in myself but the good in humanity saved me. It saved me from surrendering to the darkness and letting every part of myself which is true be abandoned forever. I always knew deep down that I didn’t have what it takes to sell out. That was never my journey, my journey is to bring happiness, peace and abundance to as many people as possible. This will happen through being in alignment with the highest part of who I am, my unconditional love & life force that governs my reality.

So much has changed in just the past month from that light bulb going off. It took a lot of suffering to get to that point. The alcoholism, the binge eating, self destructive thoughts, suicide attempts. I knew for sometime the way out yet didn’t know if I had the power still within me to break free from the wretched chains of fear. I chose unconditional love and forgiveness over fear.

I will not be consumed by fear nor will I live in a place of paranoia, agony, suffering, dis-ease and hate. Not who I am, not what I believe in. I’m a force of unconditional love that will not bow to anything that is not in resonance with the good of all. I’m here to not just experience my own joy and self expression but to service the world through it. I shall give, help and love as many people as possible.

What I’ve done in the past month is only a small testament to what I will do over the coming years in my life. I will change the world through my thoughts that turn into actions and not only bless myself with inner peace, joy and abundance but; bring it to all those that I can. The fire within me is more fierce than anything that could ever be described in human terms. I will succeed, I have succeeded. I will overcome all challenges, I will let go of all that doesn’t serve me.

Living through my heart, is the place where I shall always live, always remaining. My hearts desires have come true in my mind, only shall it take a little patience for them to manifest before my eyes.




Holly Kurt




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